Management consulting services

Many organizations have business processes in-place that has grown organically. As a need arises, the organization develops a relevant process for that need. Overtime a large organization often discovers that its systems are incompatible and its business processes disparate. Some organizations also confront unexpected shifts in their business environment. At Keya we help clients realign their business process with their changed environment. Kaya areas of expertise in management consulting include:


  • Business Process Engineering/Reengineering (BPR):

    Keya’s business process management improves business performance by redesigning processes to achieve a more efficient way of operating and often concurrently reduces costs. Working to fully define the complete process lifecycle from process modelling and simulation we bring efficiency and cost saving to operational methods within government agencies. Keya's BPR practice focuses on five areas:

  • Organizational Assessment. Keya staff absorbs the client's mission along with long-term and break-through objectives. We assist clients define short-, near- and long-term goals to determine their current situations and develop strategies for transitioning toward achieving their goals.
  • Current Performance Assessment. Through an enterprise-wide intensive scrutiny key processes are identified to determine which processes can be improved that move the organization toward more efficiently achieving their goals and objectives. As-is processes are clearly defined as a baseline to guiding efforts to define new more efficient work processes.
  • Strategic Benchmarking for Best Practices. Keya developing a benchmarking strategies to: (1) conduct research to identify applicable best practices; (2) identify and establish before and after performance metrics; (3) using best practices and performance benchmarks conduct and document baseline analysis to produce a preliminary functional and economic baseline of the "as-is" process; and (4) develop a dual-path implementation structure to phase-out legacy processes and phase-in the new or re-engineered processes. The critical success factor is the transition plan and timeline going from the “as-is” process to the “to-be” process consistent with organization resources.


  • Information System (IS) and Plant Information Technology (PIT) Transformation

    Business and IT transformation is often easy to define but difficult to execute. Keya is experience with designing and delivering successful business and IT transformations for government agencies. We have developed and use tried and proven step-by-step processes and best practices to ensure comprehensive and cost effective business operations and IT transformations. Keya has experience meeting the most complex transformation requirements and we meet these challenges using an integrated approach that stresses leaner operations, improved use of information resources, and focuses meeting the needs of agency customers and constituents.