Acquisition Support Services

Keya engineers and analyst provide effective, flexible, and highly responsive cradle-to-grave acquisition support services to federal agencies. Keya assists government agencies to get the requirements right at the beginning of the acquisition process and establish effective monitoring techniques to ensure programmatic success with a focus on quality. Keya’s professionals are expert at orchestrating the planning, execution, monitoring, and controlling of IT and service acquisitions, from strategy to close-out. As a result of Keya’s acquisition support services agencies improve their decision-making capability around sound organizational investments and resourcing. Our significant acquisition support efforts include:

  • Department of Defence (DOD) SPS and PD2 Functional and Technical Support. Keya has expert knowledge of Standard Procurement System (SPS) that includes functional architects, technical architects, system administrators, and master trainers for the Procurement Desktop – Defence (PD2) software. Our e-Procurement professionals assist DoD organizations implement the Standard Procurement System (SPS) with its PD2 software. Keya experts provide functional and technical support by defining functional requirements, providing functional design support, training users, and providing implementation services for the over 800 DoD contracting offices in which the system has been installed.
  • Administrative and Technical Support of the Wide Area Workflow: The DoD’s Wide Area Workflow is a secure, web-based system for electronic invoicing, receipt, and acceptance. It enables government vendors to submit and track invoices and receipt/acceptance documents over the web. It also enables government personnel to process invoices in real-time. In addition, the Wide Area Workflow is the only web-based application that captures the Unique Identification (UID) of Tangible Items of Information. From its years of experience in with DoD, Keya has expert knowledge of Wide Area Workflow functionality and operations and provides administrative and technical support to operate the system.
  • Contract Management and Administration Support: Keya has provided the Defense and other federal agencies with experienced and effective contract management and administration support. Keya has a clear understanding of the relevant Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and related regulatory requirements. Keya has highly qualified personnel with the experience, skills, and certifications to assist agencies in contract management and administration support duties. We deliver contract management and administrative support that is knowledgeable, dedicated, and efficient.
  • Grant Management Support: Keya has provided the DoD and civilian agencies with experienced and effective grant management support. Keya has a deep understanding of the relevant OMB and other regulations that govern the management of government grants. Keya has a large personnel bank of highly qualified personnel with the experience, skills, and certifications to assist government agencies in grant management. Keya delivers highly qualified staff that is knowledgeable, dedicated, and efficient.
  • Contract Closeout Support: Keya understands the importance of a successful contract closeout. Keya provides highly qualified and certified personnel who can support the efficient contract closeout in full compliance with Federal Acquisition Regulations and agency procedures and mandates. Our staff is skilled at preparing final closeout documentation to include written communications with contractors, internal contracting and technical organizations, and the Defense Contract Management Agency (as required). Keya’s personnel can assist with quick closeouts or complex closeouts. We are skilled at adjudicating final invoices, ensuring proper release of claims, preparing contract completion statements and preparing a host of technical, contract, and legal documentation.