Internet/Intranet Design and Maintenance

Agency intranets and internal websites serve a variety of unique user needs. In general, the goals of an intranet are broader than for a website and are generally most closely aligned to work performance that relates to mission fulfilment. Intranets are designed to meet the needs of staff, as well as organizational strategic goals and are usually designed to meet the communication needs of the assigned staff to meet daily work performance needs. The capabilities these systems provide, the content they contain, and the users that access them are very unique to each agency. Requirements analysis and design efforts must be more sharply focused on aligning the final solution to mission accomplishment. The primary goal of an agency website is often to communicate vital internal information to support the agencies mission. The principles of E-commerce sites have the additional goal of making direct services/product available to the using community. These websites must be outward-focused and must be synchronized with marketing or public affairs strategies.