Enterprise Application Integration

Enterprise application integration (EAI) is an analytical and design process used to modernize existing multiple computer applications to better serve the collective knowledge and information needs of the organization. EAI is the unrestricted sharing of data to support business processes using many different data sources delivered by connected enterprise applications.

EAI is a design framework enabling applications to serve more and different functional requirements within an organization. This is accomplished sharing vital data throughout the organization advancing mission accomplishment and ensuring a shared single organization vision. EAI is designed to defeat the old “stove piking” of information within organizational entities. Applications used to manage customers, business intelligence, operations, payroll and human resources, and logistics are integrated to communicate with one another sharing vital data and common business rules. The lack of integration among these systems ensures inefficiencies, duplication of data, data stored in multiple locations causing data currency issues, and generally inhibits organization communication.

Keya technical experts are skilled at analyzing enterprise applications, designing integration schemes, and integrating applications into a series of shared automated business processes to concurrently serve multiple organizational information needs. These analytical and design processes avoid radical changes to the applications and data structures by linking application with back-end databases or front-end graphical user interfaces and/or dashboards. EAI designs save money and significantly improve operational efficiency.