Case Studies in Excellent Contract Support

U.S. Army Medical Research Acquisitions Activity (USAMRAA)

The USAMRAA Information Management Office awarded Keya two contracts to secure, manage, and support the acquisition and secure operation of two mission-critical software systems:

  • Standard Procurement System (SPS)
  • Paperless Acquisition System (UPAS)

The customer required assistance overcoming five major challenges:

  • Managing and administering the SPS database and its feeder applications and interfaces.
  • Adding needed functional on-site support. 
  • Developing and implementing system Continuity of Operations (COOP) in compliance with U.S. Department of Defense mandates.
  • Moving from a paper-burdened operation to a paperless system while maintaining efficient daily operations.
  • Managing and updating USAMRAA’s Information Management Office work processes and standard practices.

For the SPS, Keya developed and delivered a full range of system and database administration tasks needed to achieve efficient operations with maximum system operational availability.  To address the most pressing problem – providing functional and technical support at the client’s site Keya hired a specialist with an automated procurement system background. We also hired a fictional procurement analyst to oversee all SPS training and implementation needs.

Keya assisted the customer develop, implement, test, and maintain the Continuity of Operations Plan with a strong focus on ensuring uninterrupted operations through system and IT operational efficiency.  Keya evaluated multiple work sites to determine the IT requirements to ensure continued operations under a variety of emergency scenarios.  

To help USAMRAA move to a paperless contract management system we converted the large volume of USAMRAA’s paper files to electronic files using the file and retrieval capabilities of the UPAS. Historical data and documentation artifacts were electronically captured and stored both on-site and at an off-site secure location. USAMRAA realized all the traditional benefits of a paperless system to include improved operational efficiency and significant cost savings.

Finally, Keya was appointed as the USAMRAA Information Assurance Security Officer to provide ongoing assistance to the Information Management Office on a full-time basis.  Duties, among other assignments, included overseeing and reported compliance with the Security Plan on all USAMRAA Information Systems and networks and reviewing audit logs on a weekly basis. Keya maintained, managed, and proposed changes to the USAMRAA security program, including processes and complete life-cycle support.  Keya developed and maintained the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).  Keya also facilitated the development and review of certification and accreditation packages for USAMRAA’s Designated Authorized Officer (DAO) and the Chief Information Officer (CIO) as required by the Defense Information Assurance Certification Accreditation Program.

U.S. Army 302nd Signal Battalion

The 302nd Signal Battalion awarded Keya a five-year contract for logistical/supply support services to include supply accountability, quality control, inventory control, and maintenance of accurate records, files, and libraries. After thoroughly analyzing and understanding their logistical and support needs, Keya proposed a business process reengineering solution using a lean Six Sigma approach.  After implementation, the new logistical system saved the 302nd Signal Battalion over $250,000.

Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services needed to improve its Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA) system. The system needed to be brought into compliance with a U.S. Government Accountability Office audit and corrective action guidance. In response to this challenge Keya reviewed deficiencies, analyzed CLIA system processes, and developed and implemented a process improvements via a well-designed reengineering plan. As a result our efforts the Center’s CLIA system became fully compliant with all audit findings and guidance.